Finally a coin with substance

Potatoes and cryptocurrencies are in many ways polar opposites. Potatoes are delicious, a cheap source of carbs, the potato price over time is relatively stable and they do not cause you to get heart attacks (low on cholesterol and fat).
Cryptocurrencies are often criticised for their lack of substance, their prices fluctuate wildly and their erratic behaviour causes many cryptocurrency owners severe stress.

Potato Coin tokens may allow you to exchange your tokens into actual potatoes (limitations apply as described in our whitepaper). This means that you will be able to measure your crypto wealth in terms even your mom will understand.

What else is it good for?

  • You can brag about your preference for barter economy, because you watched Wolf of Wall Street and now believe that unbacked money is just “fugazi”;
  • You own a coin that you fully understand (sure, you know exactly what EOS does and why it is better than Ethereum...);
  • When the entire crypto thing inevitably crashes, you might still get something of value (if we are around then and decide to fulfil your order).

To add Potato Coin to MetaMask:

  1. 🥔 Go to your MetaMask wallet and open the tab "tokens".
  2. 🥔 Enter Token Contact Address:
  3. 🥔 Enter Token Symbol:
  4. 🥔 Enter Decimal of Precision:

  5. If you use other wallets, you will have to google “How to add tokens to XYZ wallet” and follow the instructions, using the same details as above.

PTCN to potato conversion


The operative team consists of these potato heads:

Coordination potato

Technical lead potato

Logistics & marketing potato

Legal & community potato

Website & design potato